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Trendy and versatile BAPE Mad STA « Blue Yellow White » shoes introduction

BATHING APE BAPE BAPE Mad STA « Blue Yellow White » is a classic street trend shoe, created by Japanese trend brand BAPE. The BAPE Mad STA « Blue Yellow White » is a classic street shoe created by the Japanese fashion brand BAPE, loved by young people for its unique ape-head pattern, camouflage design, heavy sole and comfortable wearing feeling.

In blue, yellow and white, this shoe is inspired by the classic Fake BAPE STA camouflage pattern. The shoe is simple and smooth, with sharp lines, showing the street trend style.

The upper features a colour-blocking design at the vamp splice, adding a sense of style. Made from leather and synthetic materials for both comfort and durability. The iconic BAPE Ape Head logo is featured on the side of the shoe, signalling the brand’s identity.

The sole is made from rubber with the iconic BAPE STA serrated pattern, providing good grip and abrasion resistance. The BAPE logo is featured in the centre of the sole.

BAPE logo embroidery on the tongue. Fake BAPE STA lettering on the heel. Sizing information on the inside of the shoe.

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BAPE, known as A Bathing Ape in the City of Hot Springs, is a Japanese streetwear brand founded by Nigo in 1993.BAPE is known for its distinctive ape-head prints and camouflage designs, which are popular among young people.

The ‘Blue Yellow White’ colourway is inspired by the classic Fake BAPE STA camouflage pattern. Blue represents the sky and sea, yellow represents the sun and white represents the clouds. The combination of these three colours symbolises a positive and energetic spirit.

The « Blue Yellow White » colour scheme not only represents the classic style of the BAPE brand, but also symbolises the individuality and attitude of young people. The launch of this shoe also reflects the BAPE brand’s continuous exploration and innovation of trend culture.

Versatile style, easy to handle a variety of occasions

The style of this shoe is street trend. Suitable for matching with casual clothes, such as T-shirts, jeans, sports trousers and so on. It can also be paired with dresses for a mix-and-match style.

Since this shoe is in blue, yellow and white, you can choose one or more of these three colours to match with your clothes. For example, they can be worn with blue jeans and a white T-shirt, or with yellow track trousers and a blue T-shirt. You can also choose clothes in other colours, but be careful that the overall colour scheme is harmonious.

BAPE Mad STA « Blue Yellow White » is a classic street trend shoe.


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